Some Security Straight talks done by Apple’s Tim Cook

A new security page has been added on Apple’s company website

Facebook Not to Budge on the Drag Queens Name Issues!!

Facebook has decided not to change the real-name policy for its

iPhone 6 Is Outselling 6 Plus By A Lot-Suggests Super Early Data

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus are the new pulse of mobile

Control the location and display duration of your content with Minder

Internet is like an ocean, anything thrown within the web world

Hyperlapse- a new video creation app created by Instagram

A brand new standalone app called Hyperlapse is launched by Instagram

Amazon Challenged by Google for Drone Supremacy

Amazon has changed the way world used to shop before. Now

Microsoft Kills Almost 1,500 Scammy Apps to Keep Windows Store Clean

Windows app store has become an ocean of apps in which

Guest Mode for Chrome Beta Launched by Google

In the Chrome beta Channel Google is launching Mac, Linux and

Microsoft Continues Its Campaign Against A US Warrant Demanding Overseas Data

Recently a search warrant has commanded the market giant Microsoft to

Existing Privacy Tools Do Not Offer Required Anonymity for Online Users!!

The online activities do not offer the much-needed anonymity to all

The Trillion Dollar Power Industry being Un-scaled!!

The answer to all our power related troubles throughout the history

Price of the Microsoft’s Surface 2 cut by $100

The surface 2 tablet’s price has been cut down by $100.

LG is Going to Amaze you with a Round Smart Watch

Technology is penetrating into our lives at a much faster pace

Sony Unfamiliar with the Success Mantra of PS4

Sony has already sold 10 million units of its most popular

Stock Up on your Daily Needs Using this Service from Uber

The new-age transportation provider Uber has recently come up with the

“Hello World” said by Investment Banking 2.0

Investment banking is a very old concept that has a rich

The Magical App: From a Student’s Perspective

The world of smartphone or mobile Apps has been expanding at

Why are Tablet Sales Going Down and PC Sales Going Up?

The launch of iPads was considered as the end of PC

Facebook to get Support in Data Search Warrant Case by Tech Companies

Facebook still continues its battle of returning the private data that

Expect an Unexpected Cost on Apple’s Sapphire iPhone

Apple is planning to work the synthetic sapphire into the next