Top Apps for Nokia Lumia 920 – Find Your App For Lumia 920

Nokia has launched quite a few good mobile phones in the market but the best one till date is the Nokia Lumia series. This series has the most hi-tech Smartphone’s available in the market today and its features as well as specifications are simply best in class. We present you here some of the top apps for Nokia Lumia 920 download link

It’s a very stylish and creative piece of mobile phone technology and has won various awards for its excellent performance. If you install some of the hottest Apps on this Smartphone, this phone will guaranteed give you an unforgettable experience using these Apps.


A classy phone amongst the Nokia Lumia series is the Nokia Lumia 920 that gives you ultra high-speed internet access using the cutting edge 4G technology. To measure the speed of internet, you can use the Speedtest App that tells you the speed of internet connection for both mobiles as well as desktops. If you are connected to a 4G network then doing a Speedtest will give you such astonishing results that you wouldn’t doubt a bit as to why you went for the 4G compatible Nokia Lumia 920. To download the app use this link: Download App

speedtest lumia 920 app

Lock Themes

This is a new tool for windows phone 8 that helps in screen lock. You can select a new theme and then send pictures or quotes to lock the theme. It has various options like: nature theme, horoscope, deck the halls etc.  To get this app, use the following screen: Download App

lock themes nokia lumia 920 download


This App helps in transferring the live TV to free-to-air terrestrial TV and converts your Nokia Lumia 920 to a portable TV. Download this app with the help of this link: Download App

tvcatchup Apps for Nokia Lumia 920

BBC Radio

This App helps in connecting with almost 10BBC Radio stations which are Radio 1, Radio 2, 1Xtra along with BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. It helps you in using your mobile as a radio at your favourite place; use this link to download it: Download App

bbc radio App for Nokia Lumia 920


This amazing app helps you in switching on and off the significant phone features by allowing you to create tiles for useful things like airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, location data and mobile data. To download toogle use the following link: Download App

toggle App for Nokia Lumia 920


You can get filter and other tools for editing a photo since this is similar to Instagram available on android or IOS. Options like white balancing, digital zooming, lots of borders and frames along with swindling tools for editing the pictures. Use the given link for downloading the Fhotoroom: Download App

fhotoroom App for Nokia Lumia 920


Bing is the automatic search engine in the entire windows 8 phone which works quite smoothly. Now you can download this Google app for free which is quite simple to use. This app is an android app so might not work very well on windows, but you may get search results depending upon the voice searches, location or auto-complete estimation searches. Use this app to download the google app on your phone: Download App

google App for Nokia Lumia 920


It is a very popular messaging app that allows the users to send messages without the mobile sms charges and the contracts of the mobile sms usages. Users can chat with their friends as long as they have an internet connection from the data card or from any WiFi source. Download this amazing help with the help of this link: Download App

whatsapp App for Nokia Lumia 920


It’s a sports tracker app that comes with GPS and keeps a record of your meals, work outs, calorie burnt and daily routines. You can also add manual data for your indoor workouts like lifting the weights and treadmills. A live tile is given to the users for tracking their fitness success on the regular basis. Get the app from here: Download App

runtastic App for Nokia Lumia 920


Helps in cloud file storage scene that helps the user to get any file that they might have shared before with some users on their mobile phone. You can easily upload new photos with the help of integrated sharing features. This is a perfect platform to trace back your stash which you might have shared with someone using the live accounts or hotmail. Get this amazing app from this link: Download App

skydrive App for Nokia Lumia 920

Connectivity Shortcuts

The functions of this tool are same like toogle but it has a slightly better look and feel and it works mostly on the connectivity features. It allows you to edit the text from the live tiles and colour options can also be selected from the windows.  Get it from here: Download Appconnectivity shortcuts App for Nokia Lumia 920

Weather View

It is an amazing weather tracking app in which you can put some 5 places and get their weather forecast divided in three time brackets. Wind speed and temperature can be accurately measured and you can also find a page that will display the weather of all the cities. You can also get a customized tile for displaying the app: Download App

weatherview App for Nokia Lumia 920

Some other popular and useful apps are Ztitch, earthworm Jin HD, Facebook Beta and gMaps.

This is our collection of apps for nokia lumia 920, let us know in comments below if you have found a great app for lumia 920.

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