How to use WhatsApp on PC without Bluestacks Using Wassapp

Whatsapp is no more an application, reserved for the Smartphone users. It is now available for the computers as well, and one can use WhatsApp on PC without Bluestacks emulator. Though using Whatsapp by downloading Bluestacks is not a tough task, but many people are unable to install Bluestacks and thus they are not able to use Whatsapp on their computers. The main reason behind the inability to install the Bluestacks is unavailability of graphic card on the computer.

whatsapp on pc without bluestacks

But now, one can follow the given method on how to use Whatsapp on PC without Bluestack and youwave for the same. Get the amazing Whatsapp on your computer and stay connected with all your friends and dear ones, all around the globe. Whatsapp is used extensively by people all around the world for chatting, messaging and sending texts. Follow the given method to use Whatsapp on PC:

Steps to use WhatsApp for PC without Bluestacks:

Wassapp is an application that can be installed on any windows operating system and it is a very light in size application that is much lighter than Bluestacks. There is no specific requirement to like graphic cards and RAM size for getting Bluestacks on it.

Specific Features of Wassapp:

  • It does not require any graphic card for its functioning.
  • The exact features are offered which are almost similar to WhatsApp mobile app.
  • Does not hang while it is on use.
  • Very light in weight.

How to Use Wassapp?

For using Whatsapp on the computer without the help of Bluestacks following steps need to be followed:

  • The Wassapp software can be downloaded from this link and it is just 11MB
  • Once the software is downloaded it needs to be installed on the computer
  • Then open the Wassapp and one can see two options of login and register.
  • Already a Whatsapp user can just enter their mobile number and password and then press the click button to Login
  • After this one can see the chat screen and the contact list. That’s the completion of the entire thing and then one can easily enjoy the facilities of Whatsapp without having a Smartphone and without bothering about the Bluestacks installation.

WhatsApp for PC without BluestacksUsers who do not have an existing account on Whatsapp can create a new account with the help of their mobile phone once the installation of Wassapp is completed.  Wassapp is the unofficial application of Whatsapp that can be used without emulator. This helps in sending the WhatsApp messages with the computer keyboard.

The high level of utility and zero cost has made Whatsapp a most popular messaging platform amongst the users. Some of the troubles faced by Whatsapp are dropping of the services and discomfort in carrying out the long conversations. Prolonged use of virtual key board may become a bit tiring and thus the more manageable option is computer at least when one is using it from home.

Wassapp: An alternative to Whatsapp for PC without any emulator:

Wassapp is quite new application that is specifically designed for personal computers that have Windows operating system. Sending the file is not possible with this app but it can receive files and messaging can be used like regular Whatsapp. Wassapp has the facility to use the main numbers from the users Smartphone and PC as well. Though as per the regulation IM cannot be used on two devices simultaneously and thus while using Wassapp from PC might disconnect to prioritize the Smartphone of the user. The conversation history is a bit hard to maintain and the contacts have to be either transferred with hand or it has to be synchronized with the help of Google contacts.

All about Wassapp on PC:

Wassapp is simple and quite easy to use the only requirement is to download the windows application and install it on PC and complete the necessary steps for the installation process. The basic steps needed to complete the process are providing the information like phone number, country with its code and a password. In case of the Android Smartphone this password is the IMEI number, or the ID in windows phone or the MAC address of WiFi.

Necessities of Wassapp PC without the need of an emulator:

  • NET Framework 4.0
  • Operating system has to be Windows XP, SP2 or any other higher version.
  • Internet connection

The company ensures safety of the data like the IMEI number with the same security measures. The communication of Whatsapp happens through the server of the popular IM network. One can also make use of the services like FonYou that offers a second number associated with the personal number, for the users. Just complete the following steps and press the Login button and enter.

One can straight away start chatting with the contacts already imported. If the number already has a Whatsapp account then it has to be disabled from the phone and start it on PC. So use this simple steps and get the amazing features of Whatsapp on your PC. This is a simple procedure that can be easily used on the computer without any difficulty. Follow the quick steps and get connected with friends and family. If comfortable then go ahead and use WhatsApp on PC with Bluestacks

UPDATE on 03 Feb 2014: Many users have reported errors while trying to register using IMEI number.  Some of the points to keep in mind while registering:

If the phone number was registered on an Android phone, the password is the phone’s IMEI.
If the phone number was registered on an iPhone, the password if the WiFi MAC address.

Don’t try to use WhatsApp in your mobile phone while Wassapp is running (or sign out of WhatsApp to use your mobile phone safely). WhatsApp server doesn’t allow simultaneous connections so it drops the oldest connection. If you start using WhatsApp in your phone while being logged in Wassapp, WhatsApp will reconnect (as it will detect it was disconnected) and this reconnection will cause Wassapp to disconnect.

Basically, before using Wassapp on Computer logout of WhatsApp on your phone and before using WhatsApp on your phone logout of Wassapp on PC

UPDATE on 08 Apr 2014:Now the IMEI number as passwords would not work if the WhatsApp used in your smartphone is the latest version and not an older version.

If your phone number is already registered with a newer WhatsApp client it won’t work as the passwords are now generated randomly in the WhatsApp servers.

The only solution is to register your phone number again or register another one, in both cases from Wassapp

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