Nokia Lumia 820 PC Suite Download – FREE Windows Phone App

Nokia Lumia 820 PC Suite Download and connect your smartphone to your PC.

Nokia has given us some of the best high quality mobile phones and it is a brand that resonates as a technology company that is very well known for being the cutting-edge provider of high-tech gadgets that provide best Windows experience. Another such high quality Smartphone amongst the series of other very sophisticated mobile phones that Nokia has recently launched, is the Nokia Lumia820 that runs on the advanced Windows Phone 8 Operating System and comes with a lot of attractive features. The enthralling Windows 8 OS experience becomes even more so using the ultra-fast 1.5 Giga Hertz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Dual Core Processor that uses 1GB RAM to provide high-speed graphics and user interface.

 You can absolutely enjoy all the Applications available in the Windows Phone App Store and use them to their fullest capacity on this Smartphone. A 4.3 inch long Fully Capacitive Touchscreen that the Nokia Lumia 620 comes with, provides unique viewing experience to users, and although this display may not be of world-class standards, the color boosting that it provides to the 480×800 pixels WVGA resolution screen makes the overall experience of the video quality satisfying and enjoying.

Also, a 8 Mega Pixel Camera that uses the incredible Carl Zeiss Tessar Lens that can make you go bonkers over the damn good picture capturing quality that is 1920 x 1080,works equally well for comfortable viewing of video calls. The Nokia Lumia820 PC Suite as well as the entire detailed specifications of this Smartphone from Nokia is available here for your reference as well as for installation.

The PC suit is a very useful App that helps you connect your windows 7 or 8 Smartphone to your PC and this application can be installed and used for free. There are no charges needed to use this application and the process of installing the app is also quite simple. Once you have availed the PC Suite, you will never have the fear of losing your precious phone data. The ease of transferring the data quickly creates a backup for all your official and personal information. Since most of our contacts and events are stored on our Smartphone, transferring them to our laptop or PC gives us a peace of mind and data security for future.

Complete details about the amazing phone Nokia Lumia 820:

·         4.3inch AMOLED Screen display with the WVGA and 480*800pixels

·         1.5GHz dual core processor with QUALCOMM Snapdragon s4 processor

·         1 GB RAM

·         Microsoft windows phone 8 operating system

·         8 GB space of internal memory

·         64 GB expandable external memory which can be used with SD or memory card

·         Primary and secondary cameras with 8MP quality, Cameras are full HD

·         Connectivity Features: WiFi, 3G, EDGE, GPRS, USB and Bluetooth

nokia pc suite

Nokia Lumia 820 PC Suite Download:  PC Suit is as amazing windows app that helps you syncs your phone with your PC. This Sync of windows 7 or 8 helps you transfer all your music, videos, images and files from your Smartphone to your PC or laptop. Not only these you can also transfer your persona information’s like contacts, messages, calendars and events etc. This PC suit app help you create a backup for your phone that can be used in emergencies. Quite often we lose our phone or it gets damaged, so now all these reasons will not result in the loss of your precious data. Not only files and images you can also create a backup for your games and software with the help of this PC suit. Let us see how you can download this PC suit for free from your windows phone. You can also use the following link for downloading the PC Suit for free here

Basic features of windows Phone App:

·         It helps you sync the videos, contacts and music from your windows library or Apple i tunes to your system

·         It can automatically transfer important videos and pictures from your phone to your PC

·         You can create a backup for your phone data that can be retrieved whenever you need it

Note: Your system must meet all the basic requirements before you proceed with the process of using and installing this app for your data transfer needs.

Minimum Specific needs in a system to install the PC Suit App:

·         The processor should be with 1GHz or faster

·         You System must have the lasts OS like windows 7 or 8

·         The size of your RAM should be 1GB or 2GB

Make use of this amazing link for downloading this App to your PC.

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