Web Browsers Market Share & 5 Fantastic Alternate Web Browsers

5 of top most used and appreciated web browsers are Firefox, internet explorer, Opera, Safari and Chrome. Web browsers market share shows clearly which are the browsers used by most of the internet user:

Browsers Market Share Data Updated on 25 Dec 2013 

Google Chrome : 43%; Internet Explorer: 28%; Mozilla Firefox: 22%; Safari: 9% 

This market share has been calculated based on data released by various web stats analytics programs. This data was compiled with help from :

Clicky Web Analytics

These browsers are used by different users and they carry different opinions about these browsers. Some of the common notions about these most popular and extensively used browsers are:

  1. Firefox: It is popularly used by million users but sometimes it becomes hard to use due to its excessive add-ons.
  2. Internet Explorer: It is the oldest browser which is now left behind by many better browser options. But even today it has million users all around the world who use it for occasional bashing.
  3. Safari: It is a latest and most appreciated browser but many of its users over appreciate it.
  4. Opera: This is the browser which is mostly used by the Smartphone’s users. Some of its users really love and appreciate it where as many others do not like it much.
  5. Chrome: It is one of the fastest browsers that are used by huge number of users.

Chrome is one of the best browsers on the web but many of us are not aware that it is based upon the popular and open source web browser known as Chromium.  Chromium is a browser which is well renowned for its stability and speed. Chromium is an open source which has many other web browsers based on it.

These browsers are stable, fast and can quickly eliminate the functionality that might violate privacy. The list of the browsers is very long and each day some new names are added to it. But only some of the browsers have really been able to create a special place in the heart of the users.  Let us see some of those very popular browsers in detail:

Iron: It is an open source and free browser that is based on Chromium.  Usage tracking is removed by this browser along with other privacy violating functionality. Web-Kit rendering engine’s latest version is also implemented by this browser along with a built-in ad Blocker. It is available for Mac, windows and Linux.

iron browser

Chrome Plus: It is very much alike to Google Chrome and is also built upon Chromium browser. Apart from having all the features of chrome it also have some added features like super drag, mouse gestures and IE tab etc. Group of developers have designed it as Maple studio.

chromeplus browser

Comodo Dragon: It is the browser that is based on chromium technology and is developed by a popular software company named as Comodo. All the features of Google Chrome are available in this browser along with enhanced stability and increased privacy. It is a recent browser which can be downloaded for free.

comodo dragon browser

Maxthon: Unlike previous browsers this browser is based upon internet explorer’s platform. It offers 2 times faster speed as compare to any other browser.

Maxthon browser

Rockmelt: This browser is commonly used by Facebook and Twitter users. All the Facebook and twitter addicts are well aware with this browser.  Facebook has been showing lot of personal interest in this browser.

RockMelt browser

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